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The market is full of many uncertainties and sometimes we got trapped in the market. There might be many reasons why you’re not profitable in trading, which could be discipline issues, wrong signals and fake trends. You can start earning big on WMT with the right signals and trade setups from experienced professionals. By joining WMT you will have access to the following services:

Daily Market Update & Analysis

We provide you with daily market update and detailed analysis of which way the market is going. Our trading experts provides you with top-tier signals to make sure you never lose your money.

Daily Trading Signals

We provide the simplest trading techniques and guides to help you understand the market and build you into a professional trader.

Strategic Trading Plan

Our trading plan will help you accumulate and skyrocket your portfolio, we give you signals that are up-to-date and accurate.

Teaching Channels

With access to our exclusive educational channels, you will learn trading from leading industrial experts and master the best way of profitable trading.

Simple User-Interface

Through premium access to our Discord and with personalised notifications you will never miss any update.


Our experienced trading experts will help you with personalised trading plan to make profit through trading.

Live Session

Given our live session you can have a one-on-one discussion with professionals and know more about trading, what moves the market, risk management.

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Our 24/7 dedicated support team are always online on discord to help you in case you need anything.


You simply need  to register on Discord mobile or desktop app and follow this Link to get access to our trading channels.

You do not require a lot of capital to trade. $50 is enough for starters

By staying disciplined, taking profit and compounding your gains, you can easily grow your portfolio.

You can get ceaseless profit on whale move traders (WMT) using consistent trading strategies and quality crypto signals. As a subscriber of WMT you need to use the guides provided without breaking the asserted limit.

We make daily challenge targeting $200 profit everyday.

Yes we post Spot Trading Signals, Futures Trading Signals and long term investments tokens or coins

WMT manage it risk through technical and fundamentals analysis by establishing accurate position size, setting stop losses, and risk management guide for controlling emotion on; when to enter or exit a position.

We have 3 premium plans to serve everyone better. Check the payment page for descriptions, prices for each plan and durations.

For now, we only accept crypto payment.
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Quality Signals You Can't Find Anywhere Else But Here

WMT offers you myriads types of signals, our signals are well informative, in both Fundamental and Technical analysis, where our moderators use multiple strategies to analyze every signal. We offer many potential setup calls to help you boost your portfolio with amazing profit.

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